Workshops and Seminars

We provide workshops and seminars on career development topics. These workshops and
seminars can be customized to meet the needs of your organization. Contact Carla Visser at  917-415-6840 to get more information about our seminars and

Our seminars include:

  • Follow your Dream Seminar
  • Know Yourself (Self-Assessment)
  • Breakthrough Marketing
  • Promote Yourself in Two Minutes or Less
  • Strong Resumes and Cover Letters
  • How to Find the Hidden Job Market
  • Networking to your Next Job
  • Negotiating your Job Offer
  • Successful Internships
  • Overcoming Age Discrimination and Other Obstacles
  • Transforming Career Dissatisfaction into a New Job
  • Reboot the Second Part of your Life
  • Managing an International Career
  • Transformational Career Makeover